Hosting that doesn’t go down on you

If you host your website with us, we’ll be distributing it on a global content delivery network, which means your website will be shown to your users faster than your competitor’s website. In addition, with unlimited bandwidth and form submissions, your website will scale effortlessly when your content goes viral.

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How We Work

Our thoughtful and collaborative approach helps you to understand where we are in the process and what the best solution for you is.

A Four Step Process

Our service’s core is the design and development of a blazing fast website. We want you to be involved in the process, so our collaborative way of working will keep you in the loop and allow you to see your website as it progresses. So join us on our 4-step journey toward a faster website.


  • Call with UX/UI designer
  • Establishing project goals and defining your funnel
  • Content collection
  • Who is your user


  • Collaborative design software gives you commecnting features and real time interaction
  • Component based design 🙌
  • Modern Layout
  • Responsive design


  • Agile development workflows
  • Latest coding standards
  • Collaborative issue tracking and resolution
  • Access to your code repository


  • Your choice of platform
  • Content Delivery Network for global coverage
  • Asset minification for blazing fast page speeds
  • Greener hosting

3 reasons why our hosting is awesome

We tested 100 hosting providers to be able to offer you best in class service Here are some of the reasons we chose netlify

Content Delivery Network

We use Slack during the development process so that you can always ping your developer for a progress update. You’ll be invited to a Trello board so that you can track the development of each template and raise any issues you might find

Edge functions

You’ll also be invited to the code repository for your website, where you can review the code we write. This repository also acts a backup of the code and it gives us version control as well as branching capabilities.

Unlimited bandwidth

We really like code that is human readable. BEM or Block Element Modifier means that we have written the code for your website so that not only can we read it in the future but should you wish to hand it off to another development team they will be able to read it too.

Featured Testimonial

What people say about us

BugleLab were excellent and able to help with the design and development of a management consultancy website. The team of developers were highly skilled with excellent communication. No request was too much and we felt really well looked after. Looking forward to work with them again!

Adrian Murphy

Adrian Murphy

Service and product research and design consultant

Our experience with BugleLab has been a very positive one. They helped us switch from our old buggy WordPress site to a much faster static site. They also helped set us up with a new CMS which allowed us to retain flexibility and the ability to implement new content easily without the need for a developer’s input. BugleLab didn’t just build our site, they gave us the tools we needed to be in control of it.



Marketing Executive Eflow Global

Excellent job. It’s now much easier for us to create courses and posts from within gitlab Thanks!

Colin Gillespie

Colin Gillespie

O’Reilly author, Data camp presenter, R trainer/consultant and academic