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Starting your own business and need a website?

If so we can help. The biggest hurdle is often getting your idea online. We want to make it as easy as possible with agile development processes, managed hosting plans and five day turnaround times

Six ways we can help you

E-commerce & WordPress

Woocommerce is our plugin of choice to weaponise your WordPress installation for selling online. And we pride ourselves on our ability to build custom integrations for your E-commerce platform.

Elementor builds

The quickest way to build a site nowadays is with the Elementor page builder for WordPress. We know that business moves quickly; so once we have built you a beautifully designed, optimised and performant site, Elementor gives you the control to easily and intuitively change elements if they need updating.

Hugo static sites​

If you don't need a dynamic site then we can provide a static site that has several advantages over WordPress. It's faster, more secure and cheaper to run. It takes a little bit longer to build a static site but the hosting, CDN and backup savings more than pay for themselves within a year or two

Membership sites

Selling online course is a big trend for 2020. A membership plugin allows you to restrict access to certain content and by extension charge for it. What knowledge could you be selling online?

Managed WordPress hosting

Shared hosting is dead. To keep your site performant we deploy a virtual private server for every single one of the sites that we host. To protect your site we also offer off-site backups to an Amazon S3 instance. Get your first month free with our coupon WELCOME12 and see the difference in the way your site performs.

WCAG 2.1 Accessibility

We have broad experience providing accessibility audits and remedial work to the public sector. Using a mixture of automated and manual testing we look for areas where your site fails the standard and can offer remedial work ensure that your site is AA compliant with WCAG 2.1 meaning nobody is excluded.

Understand your user experience

Shouldn’t your end user determine the design of your website? Using a series of investigative methods and tools and generative ones we help you to develop an understanding of user needs. With close user involvement, products are more likely to meet users’ expectations and requirements. This leads to increased sales and lower costs incurred by customer services.

remain responsive across devices

As we see increasing mobile usage across all of our sites, it only makes sense for us to design from a mobile first standpoint. Not only does this vastly improve the mobile user experience, but through the optimisation of images and the increased focus on page size, hosting costs can decrease

Include everyone

Accessibility shouldn’t be an afterthought. Try using a screenreader sometime, it makes it really difficult to navigate a web page and when elements aren’t labelled correctly and organised semantically it becomes doubly so. We take care to build accessible websites from the ground up and aim to achieve AA compliance with WCAG 2.1 for all sites that we build


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